Women in 3D Printing, Chicago, Apr 4

Women in 3D Printing started in 2014, to share the stories of the women shaping the Additive Manufacturing space. They are building a strong network of global events, informal gathering, panels, company tours… thanks to the support of our local ambassadors and regional chairs. Their chapters meet from every month to every quarter and COLFEED4Print will attend the next event in CHICAGO! Everyone is welcome to attend but do not forget to register in.

This event will support and promote the incredible and hardworking competitors with submissions at the AMUG technical competition.

COLFEED4Print’s interest in expanding into the U.S. market could not have a better backdrop than an evening with the Women in 3D Printing team. In our company we also believe that this industry should be enriched by the diversity of backgrounds that make up its workforce. Increasing the visibility of women in Science and Business is basic to create excellence. Dr. Begoña Ferrari Fernández (Director of Operations and Scientific leader of the research group Tailoring through Colloidal Processing of the Institute of Ceramics and Glass, CSIC) and Dr. Ana Ferrández-Montero (Head of Development FILAMENT-Oss) are founders and leading members with a strong presence across multiple platforms to support the visibility of women scientists and / or entrepreneurs.