Uses and Applications of our Products for practical teaching in Chemical Engineering field

Our co-founder and assistant professor at the University of Córdoba, Zoilo González, has presented the talk entitled “The importance of introducing the 3D Printing in the Chemical Engineering field”, at the VI CIDIQ edition (Conference on Innovation on Chemical Engineering Education) held at the Complutense University of Madrid, from 11 to 13 July 2022.

This conference is a biannual meeting that aims to promote the exchange of teaching experiences in the field of Chemical Engineering to advance in the common goal of training good professionals within this area of knowledge.

The talk has shown different examples of how some of our functional compositions (Filament-Eco or Filament- Cer) can be applied in the design and assessment of a project-based learning with the aim of integrating knowledge and improving specific competences and engineering skills of degree and master students.

The 3D printed membranes for Photocatalytic reactors or fillers for rectifying columns (Ceramic Raschig rings, Ceramic Riding Chairs) were two of the examples shown that arouse more interest by the attendees.

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