FILAMENTS for 3D printing with customized functionality

The Process

Our technology is based on a colloidal dispersion method which results in the production of highly homogeneous printable feedstocks with different inorganic phases. Thanks to our technology, we can customize the composition of our products varying both the inorganic load and its volume ratio with the thermoplastic phase

Printable in FDM equipment

Easy to print from digital designs

From small batches for strategic % high added-value materials

Customizable compositions


A bioactive material supported by a biodegradable polymer matrix for personalized bone regeneration.


Product Features

FILAMENT-Oss allows obtaining customized, osseoinductive and readsorbable scaffolds.

FILAMENT-Oss has 100% customized composition. The PLA – bioactive phase (HAp, Mg, ß-TCP, etc.) ratio can be varied according to the customers’ needs, introducing up to 45 vol.% of the inorganic phase.


Glaze and pigments for ceramic decoration with reliefs.



Product Features

FILAMENT-Tile allows designing colored 3D decorations by printing glazes incorporating inorganic pigments.

FILAMENT-Tile has 100% customized composition. The ratio PLA/glaze/pigment can be varied to print colours and reliefs on tiles.


Photo & electroactive materials supported by a polymer matrix for catalytic and energy applications.


Product Features

FILAMENT-Eco allows obtaining 3D structures with multidirectional and interconnected structure with photo- and electrochemical activity.

FILAMENT-Eco has 100% customized composition. The ratio of PLA – active nanoparticles can be varied to optimize the foto – electroactive performance.