Special Issue of Polymers on the topic of “Polymer/Ceramics Composites”

Special Issue of Polymers on the topic of “Polymer/Ceramics Composites”


Composite materials show differential characteristics, since dispersed phases improve properties of the polymeric matrix and/or provide it with new functionalities, while the continuous phase provides versatility, increases the processing possibilities and supports to inorganic materials. Some examples are improvement of mechanical properties of carbon-fiber-reinforced polymers, bactericidal compounds that incorporate photocatalytic nanoparticles or bioactive and biodegradable compounds with dispersed bioglasses or bioceramics. We know that this is considered a key technology for the future and big efforts are made in research centers all over the world regarding this aspect. Aware of the need to share basic research knowledge, three of the founding members of COLFEED4Print are editors of an special issue of the journal Polymers on “Polymer/Ceramics Composites”.

If your research highlights the relevance of the inorganic phases into the continuous polymeric matrices to provide new functionalities, our founder members Dr Begoña Ferrari, Dr Zoilo Gonzalez and Dr Ana Ferrandez-Montero are very pleased to invite you to submit a paper before April 30.  for inclusion in this issue.


COLFEED4Print offer different filaments for 3D printing where in the polymer/ceramic concept, the functionalities are provided by the effective incorporation of inorganic phases in continuous polymeric matrices. Based on the colloidal technology, variable amount of inorganic particles can be incorporated according to the customers’ requirements to fit into their experimental developments.

Our line of products FILAMENT-Oss provide of a biocompatible and bioabsorbable polymer with osteogenic and osseconductive inorganic materials dispersed, such as metallic magnesium, Hydroxiapatite or TCPs

The line FILAMENT-Eco is formed by filament that incorporate different photocatalytic materials such as nano-TiO2, ZnO or carbon.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us by email:

Guest Editors and COLFEED4Print founders:

Dr Begoña Ferrari (bferrari@icv.csic.es)
Dr Zoilo Gonzalez (q42gogrz@uco.es)
Dr Ana Ferrandez-Montero (ana.ferrandez-montero@cyu.fr)