Smart Conductive LOGO printed with Graphene-ECO filament

Electronics are, nowadays, and for the last decades present in our lives in a way that we are not even aware that they exist. This field has experienced one of the biggest growth during the last decades, becoming essential in the most important industries as automotive, aviation, medical and communications. 

More recently, the smart technology (Smart home, smart car, smart textiles…) are becoming more and more interesting for the customers. These new applications demand new properties as, for example, smaller size (Millimetres or microns), flexible and high electrical conductivities. All this, using sustainable materials and efficient manufacturing processes. 

Our Graphene/Graphite filaments meet all the requirements. Thanks to our approach we are able to design and fabricate thousands of components for different electronic applications using completely sustainable materials and efficient manufacturing processes as it is the Fused Filament Fabrication.

As a demonstration, recently, a collaborator has printed the conductive logo which exhibits a conductivity of 22 S/m, perfectly usable in different electronic applications as can be seen closing a basic electrical circuit and switching on the light. 

These conductive filaments can be moulded to different requirements in terms of conductivity or flexibility depending on their SMART application.