Granules FOss Mg

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Quantity: 35 gr (Equivalent to 10 meter of  filament Ø=1,75 mm)


Short description: GRANULES-FOss Mg is a composite material made of osseoinductive Mg particles supported by a biodegradable polymer matrix for bone regeneration.

  • Advantages: GRANULES-FOss Mg is bioabsorbable, can be sterilized by ultraviolet light, has antibacterial effect and allows obtaining multidirectional and customized porosity. GRANULES-FOss has in vitro validated biodegradation and bioactivity, good adhesion and cell growth making it suitable for cell studies for in vitro/in vivo studies.

Format: Plastic Jar

Granule & Printing: Granule diameter & fluency match the printing conditions of hot-ends with pellets’ reservoir – Printing Temperature 160ºC

Particle: Magnesium Mean Diameter 29 µm – Inorganic Content up to 15 vol.%.

If you have a special request or need a personalized granule, please contact us!

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Storage Conditions
-Keep in a dry place
-Protect from direct sunlight
-Storage between 5ºC- 30ºC


Granules Characteristics
Material: Magnesium
Composition: Up to 15 vol. %
Glass Transition Temp. (Tg): 58 ºC
Melting Temp: 150 ºC

Printing Recommendations
Printing Temp: 155 ºC
Hot Pad: 0 – 60 ºC
Printing Speed: 30 – 100 mm/s
Layer Height > 0.2 mm


Particle Properties
Particle: Magnesium (Mg 98.8%)
Size (Dv50) 29 µm
Density: 1.74 g/cm³
Spec Surf. Area: <0.02 m²/g