Granules FEco Carbon

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Quantity: 45 gr (Equivalent to 10 meter of  filament Ø=1,75 mm)


Short description: GRANULES-FEco Carbon is a composite material of conductive graphite particles dispersed in a PLA matrix. Granules with 25 vol.% Graphite provide conductivities in the printed parts up to as 13 S m -1 (depending on the printing conditions).

Format: Plastic Jar

Granule & Printing: Granules size & fluency match the printing conditions of hot-ends with pellets’ reservoir- Printing Temperature 150 -160ºC

Particle: Graphite Mean Diameter 23 µm – Inorganic Content up to 25 vol.%.

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Advantages: The colloidal approach used to prepare the feedstock allow obtaining high dispersion degree of carbon particles into the polymer matrix. The graphite used has properties that are distinctive, so it can be used as an electrode substrate.

Storage Conditions
-Keep in a dry place
-Protect from direct sunlight
-Storage between 5ºC- 30ºC


Granules Characteristics
Material: Graphite
Composition: Up to 25 vol. %
Glass Transition Temp. (Tg): 54 ºC
Melting Temp: 154 ºC


Printing Recommendations
Printing Temp: 150 – 160 ºC
Hot Pad: 30 – 60 ºC
Printing Speed: 50 mm/s
Layer Height: > 0.2 mm


Particle Properties
Particle: Graphite
Size (Dv50): 23 µm
Density: 2.23 g/cm³
Spec Surf. Area: 4.82 m²/g