New project to produce filaments from metal and ceramic waste

COLFEED4Print has a vision focused on eco-friendly and environmental values. As a company we are always looking for sustainable solutions to learn how to manage and grow a sustainable business by incorporating circular economy principles into your strategies.



As a part of this vision we integrated the consortium VIVALDI ” Valorización de Residuos Cerámicos y Metálicos Mediante Generación de Polvo para Fabricación Aditiva y otras Aplicaciones de Alto Valor Añadido”/” Recovery of Ceramic and Metallic Wastes through Powders Generation for Additive Manufacturing and other Applications with High Added Value “. VIVALDI is a collaborative business initiative which main objective is conducting industrial research on the recovery of metal and ceramic waste (Ti, WC, Al and / or FC) by generating powders to be used in additive manufacturing processes, such as Fused Feedstock Manufacturing (FFM). VIVALDI has been awarded by the Centre for the Development of Industrial Technology (CDTI) of the Spanish Government for the next 3 years with a total budget of 1.182.656,75 € as a part of the call “MISIONES Ciencia e Innovación” (Reference: MIP-20211033)


VIVALDI responds to the growing demand for metallic and ceramic powders, currently not available on the market, as a result of the fast expansion of the additive manufacturing sector. According to the report 3D Printing Metals Market – Global Forecast to 2024 by Markets & Markets, it is estimated that the world market for 3D printing metals in 2019 was 774 M $ and that it will reach 3,159 M $ in 2024 with an annual growth rate of 32, 5% between 2019 and 2024. Currently, this demand is satisfied mainly from powders manufactured using gas atomization technologies, which generate a powder of adequate dimensions and quality, but at a high cost. The VIVALDI project arises from the need to find ways to obtain and use powders from recycled sources to improve the sustainability of the process, as well as reduce the cost of production.


In the VIVALDI project the feasibility of manufacturing a feedstock for thermal extrusion by colloidal suspension mixture composed of inorganic particles and a thermoplastic polymer will be investigated, with the aim of obtaining suitable granules for thermal extrusion.


This project will be carried out in a consortium of 6 SMEs that covers the entire value chain. It includes two expert companies in recycling materials (GRUPAL ART and BCIRCULAR), a company in the metal sector that generates waste and will use it in its LC processes (TMCOMAS), a company that manufactures feedstock for additive manufacturing (COLFEED) and two manufacturers of additive manufacturing equipment (BCN3D, SAMYLABS). The project will have the collaboration of the research centers Eurecat, CIM UPC, CSIC-ICV and CSIC-CENIM.