MASTERTEC3D validates one of our FILAMENT-Oss products in a commertial printer

MASTERTEC3D validates one of our FILAMENT-Oss products in a commertial printer


Filament FOss Mg

Our filament FOss Mg has been used for a concept test of the the company MASTERTEC3D, one of the most prestigious expert companies in 3D printing, simulating an elbow surgical restoration with the use of an implant to reconstruct bone. The printed the implant part using our FOss Mg product made with biocompatible and readsorbable polymer that includes a designed amount of metallic Mg particles (up to 15 vol%) highly dispersed.

For the test they used a commercial printer Makerbot Method LABS because its capability to print experimental and advanced filaments into a controlled environment.

Our FOss Mg filament is one of the FILAMENT-Oss line of products made with biocompatible materials where the magnesium incorporated to the filament favours the degradability of the implant in the body fluids while providing an osseoinductive effect for complete replacement of the implant with natural bone. FOss Mg is commercialized with a Mg contents of 10 vol%. With our patented technology we can provide on demand amounts of highly dispersed micron sized metallic Mg from small quantities (less than 1 vol%) up to 15 vol%.

Customized medical treatments are in the focus of the wellness criteria for future medicine. New materials are called to ensure the results with a lower number of surgery operations, keeping the safety and health of the patients in the first plane. In this sense the combination of in-place printers and compositional designed filaments will ensure the rapid and effective response to severe pathologies and accidents.