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      Our product #FILAMENT-Oss has been selected to participate in the #IFIBIS Investment Forum organized by Fundación Progreso y Salud , OTT- FISEVI and IBiS Instituto de Biomedicina de Sevilla . This forum will be held on November 26 where we will present our initiative. FILAMENT-Oss...

Today Begoña Ferrari, co-founder of Colfeed4print, has been presenting "Additive Manufacturing of PLLA-based composites using a #colloidalfeedstock : biodegradable and permanent scaffolds in medical applications" in the Functional Materials Seminar organised by European Powder Metallurgy Association. will attend the Functional Materials Seminar in San Sebastián...

The team of Colfeed and the Group for Tailoring through Colloidal Processing have participated at the LVII meeting of the Spanish Ceramic Society hold in the Universitat Jaume I in Castellón. It has been a networking and academic event where our product #FILAMENT-Tile has achieved...

Do you know that COLFEED arises from the term #Colloidal (COL) #Feedstock (FEED)? This term condenses most of the technology inside our #filaments for #3Dprinting which provides unique capabilities to select the customised composition for biomedical, decoration or energy application -FILAMENT-Oss, FILAMENT-Tile and FILAMENT-Eco. ...