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The team of Colfeed and the Group for Tailoring through Colloidal Processing have participated at the LVII meeting of the Spanish Ceramic Society hold in the Universitat Jaume I in Castellón. It has been a networking and academic event where our product #FILAMENT-Tile has achieved...

Do you know that COLFEED arises from the term #Colloidal (COL) #Feedstock (FEED)? This term condenses most of the technology inside our #filaments for #3Dprinting which provides unique capabilities to select the customised composition for biomedical, decoration or energy application -FILAMENT-Oss, FILAMENT-Tile and FILAMENT-Eco. ...

Presenting the benefits of our technology. The Colfeed team attended the Forum Transfiere 2020 held in Malaga. The CSIC has published a video, recorded during the event, in which Antonio J. Sánchez Herencia explains, in broad strokes, the advantages of the colloidal approach to the...