II annual meeting of ADITIMAT

II annual meeting of ADITIMAT

COLFEED4Print team has attended the II annual meeting of ADITIMAT online on 15th of December. COLFEED4Print participates in the R&D program as an associated company.

In the meeting the last research advances in processing of filaments have been presented as well as our general view about how move functional 3D printing materials to the market. The conferences “Processing of 3D printed Ti(C, N)-nanoNickel composites by FFF of a colloidal feedstock” Álvaro Eguiluz and “Additive manufacturing of three-dimensional and self-supporting hybrid electrodes for energy storage systems” Oxel Urra showed new materials that we expect to incorporate to our catalog in the future.

The Scientist of CSIC Begoña Ferrari and our CEO Juan Escribano, both cofounders of the star-up presented the central conference of the meeting “Moving functional materials for 3D printing from lab to market” where they exposed the scientific path to the creation of the company and the company projections.

As we have shared several times, COLFEED4Print has a main mission to provide innovative products for printing technologies for different application. The understanding of the necessities is crucial for us as well as to know the recent development that the research community are developing. For that reason we are a company proactive in terms of presence in different webinar, conferences, meeting and consortium.

ADITIMAT-CM is a R&D Program focused on Additive Manufacturing and funded by the Regional Government of Madrid (Spain) and the EU. It constitutes an interdisciplinary and intersectorial collaborative framework to join forces, put together activities and infrastructures and boost the research in progress within the groups of the consortium.