Filters and scaffolds with dense ceramic poles fabricated with our products FILAMENT-Cer

An arranged pile of meshes can be considered for some customers a scaffold while for other can be a filter. Independently of your interpretation, the real fact is that these customers look for a sieving product with defined shape and infill that is chemically, thermally and mechanically resistant.  To face the necessities of filters and scaffolds made of PURE DENSE CERAMIC materials, COLFEED4Print has launched the line of products FILAMENT-Cer. 

FILAMENT-Cer are printable filaments with a very high content of ceramic particles that provides our customers the capability to manufacture their own designs in dense ceramics. Our R&D equipment team have checked the reliability of the products FCer-Al2O3 and FCer-ZrO2 by printing pieces with different infills and later sintering at high temperature (>1500 °C) to achieve pure Al2O3 and ZrO2 pieces. Following our commitment with the environment these filaments are made with thermo-polymers from natural sources what provide the calcination process with a zero-carbon footprint.Our references FCer-Al2O3 and FCer-ZrO2 are commercialized in spools of continuous filament that can be printed in most of the commercial printers. We provide the thermal cycle to sintering the materials and achieve the dense structure but if you do not have access to a high temperature furnace, print it by yourself and we sinter it for you, please ask of a quotation on sintering.