FILAMENT-Cer. New sinterable filament to fabricate dense 100% CERAMIC pieces and scaffolds

COLFEED4Print has developed a new line of printable and sinterable filaments allowing the fabrication of dense pieces and scaffold by 3D fused filament printers.

Using its patented technology, the R+D team of COLFEED4Print has been able to fabricate the filaments with high solid contents and flowable properties to fabricate the pieces with printers accessible for any customer. After sintering at 1500º C the polymer burn-out and the ceramic achieve a densification of 98% allowing the printing of complex scaffolds with a 100% ceramic skeleton.

Ceramics initially faced and achieved have been the Yttria Tetragonal Stabilized Zirconia, which have generated the new product FCer ZrO2, and Alumina for the new products FCer Al2O3. These new two products are included into the catalog 2022 and are provided with instructions for printing and sintering. COLFEED4Print also provide a service for on-demand printing and sintering the models provided by the customers.