Expodental: the key and unavoidable event for the dental industry to showcase innovations

After the success of 15 editions, Expodental is presented as the key and unavoidable event for the dental industry to showcase innovations, technological developments and the digital world that is transforming the dental sector. Expodental is the benchmark trade fair for the dental sector at international level and the undisputed leader on the national scene. It aims to show all dental industry professionals the latest technologies and trends in a comfortable, accessible and innovative environment for both exhibitors and visitors. 

Madrid will once again be the epicenter of the dental sector with technological and digital advances and the most innovative proposals as a result of continuous research and development. Obtain an overview of the entire specialized commercial offer existing in the market and the national and international trends and novelties on 24-26 March in IFEMA Madrid.

The interest of COLFEED4Print for the Dental Sector comes from our beginnings as company, with the first development of FILAMENT-Oss and our first contact with dental health professionals. We focus the development of this product to solve a specific problem related to the placement of dental implants and the slow maxillofacial regeneration. FILAMENT-Oss with hydroxyapatite or magnesium biodegradable and ostioinductive phases promise to increase the well-being of the future patient through an improvement at the clinical level in time and quality of osteoregeneration of small bone lesions such as the maxillofacial elevations. Our printable, biodegradable and osteoregenerative filament reduces: (i) the patient’s regeneration and recovery time, (ii) the risk of perforation or movement in the placement of the implants and (iii) the risk of rejection. Printing implants with FILAMENT-Oss would speed up the current dental prosthesis implantation procedure, without depend on third parties, benefiting the end users of our product both dentists and patients.

Expodental was an ideal stage to update the latest trends used in the dental industry. Expodental evidenced the boom that additive manufacturing technologies are having in the dental sector. Development in 3D printers and scanners, dotted with sophisticated CAD-CAM software played a significant part in the event. These technological advances offer the possibility of expanding the range of printable materials using more precise and reliable 3D models, opening new prospects in the dental industry.

Expodental reflects the great efforts made in the last years by different industries regarding research and development, as well as the current trend to offer customised solutions to dental issues. In this, sense, the proposal of COLFEED4Print with our printable, biodegradable and osteoregenerative filament, FILAMENT-Oss is to offer a customised solution for bone filling, which adapts to the needs of users, both dental professionals and patients.