COLFEED4Print products’ commitment to the environment.

COLFEED4Print is a company with strong ecofriendly and environmental values, based on the circular economy. For this reason, we choose PLA to develop our products: PLA is produced from the lactic acid created during fermentation of the starch of sugarcane and corn, and its low carbon footprint has been confirmed by peer reviewed Life Cycle Assessments. This biobased origin of the polymer enables the calcination of sinterable filaments FOss HASint (Products line Filament-Oss), FCer Al2O3 and FCer ZrO2 (Filament-Cer) to be a Zero-Emission process (without GHG emissions).

Moreover, there are several other properties for which we select PLA as the base of our filaments, such as its medium melting temperature, its good fracture resistance, its water compatibility and its biodegradability, which provides an additional cero waste criteria to our materials.