Our product #FILAMENT-Oss has been selected to participate in the #IFIBIS Investment Forum organized by Fundación Progreso y Salud , OTT- FISEVI and IBiS Instituto de Biomedicina de Sevilla . This forum will be held on November 26 where we will present our initiative. FILAMENT-Oss is specially desinged for guided bone reparation and augmentation. Combination of readsorbable polymers with highly disperse particles of osseo-inductive materials provide FILAMENT-Oss with unique characteristics. It is aimed for researcher and dental surgeons that want to develop its own formulations and designs to avoid second surgerys to patients.


iFIBiS is aimed at innovative business projects with high growth potential in the field of health, which have arisen and are directly linked to any Spanish university or foundation, institute or research center and which are in any of the following. The final objective is to create links between companies from the Andalusian and Spanish scientific and research environment, and potential private investors and public funding entities that may be interested in the initiatives.

COLFEED4Print has been selected as a company with a validated business plan that have already made a first approach to the market.

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