COLFEED4Print co-funders at the 15th International Ceramics Congress

Last week, Perugia (Italy) hosted the 15th International Ceramics Congress (CIMTEC 2022), where COLFEED cofounders presented relevant scientific applications of our filaments and granules.

We participated in advanced ceramic symposia, such as:

Simposium CA. Advances in Processing Science and Manufacturing of High-Performance Ceramics and Composite.

Begoña Ferrari with the talk: A Colloidal Approach for the Fused Filament Fabrication: Multimaterial 3D Printing 

Zoilo González with the Invited talk: A Practical Overview of Colloidal Strategies to Manufacture ad-hoc Designs of Advanced 2D and 3D Structures

Simposium CD: High and Ultra High Temperature Ceramics and Composites for Extreme Environment

Antonio Javier Sanchez-Herencia with the talk Colloidal Processing of Nano-nickel Doped WC Compacts for Improved Hot Press and Pressureless Sintering