COLFEED4Print involved in the LVIII Spanish Ceramic Society Congress (SECV) and the II Workshop for young Researchers in Ceramics and Glasses for Medical Applications (Y-CGMed)

After the first hybrid edition in 2020, the 58th edition of the SECV National Congress returns to Madrid, after 12 years in the same hybrid format. A large number of institutes and research centers related to Ceramics and Glass are concentrated in the capital. Within the framework of the congress, other important celebrations will be held as the 60th anniversary of the SECV Bulletin, the International Year of Glass, and the celebration of II Edition of  YCGMed (Workshop for Young Researchers in Ceramics and Glasses for Medical Applications). 

COLFEED4Print is involved in the organization of the symposium “ADDITIVE MANUFACTURING OF CERAMIC AND GLASS: TECHNOLOGIES, ADDITIVES AND PRINTING VEHICLES” organized by our cofounders Ana Ferrández Montero and Zoilo Gónzalez. The interest aroused by this symposium made the American Ceramic Society, through its Spanish Chapter, become a sponsor. Several of our product lines will be presented in order to share the COLFEED4Print philosophy with the Ceramic and Glass Research Community.

We also have the pleasure to be sponsor of the symposium “Bioceramics and bioglasses for medical applications. This symposium will provide an excellent opportunity to share the main advances and gain knowledge about the latest developments in the field of bioceramics and bioglasses with medical applications. This symposium provides us the best opportunity to present our last advances in terms of our osteoinductive filaments of HA and Mg present in FILAMENT-Oss.

Finally our youngest researchers will join the II Workshop for Young Researchers in Ceramics and Glasses for Medical Applications Y-CGMed sponsored by SECV, ECERS and JECS Trust. This international workshop has been organized to promote dialogue and the exchange of ideas between young researchers and experts in the field of ceramic and glasses with medical applications, with the aim of building new collaboration networks.

Additionally in order to create a discussion forum that unify the research and the industry knowledge, COLFEED4Print will have a stand where we will show our different printable filaments and their in situ printing process in different FFF/FDM 3D printers and the wide range of possibilities and applications that our products offer to both research community and the industrial sector