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Our company has a been selected as finalist for the Start Up Competition in the Section of INDUSTRY 5.0. Dr. Ana Ferrández, co-founder and Product manager of the FILAMENT-Oss line will present the company during a 3 minutes presentation. A hard work that Ana will...

Our company is member of the consortium NET4MAT funded by the European Commission by the MSCA Staff Exchange 2022 programme. The aim of this consortium is to explore the feasibility of combining microbial sensing lanthanide-glycoclusters and antimicrobial porphyrinoids with biodegradable and biocompatible polysaccharide-based formulations. Consortium is...

Today Begoña Ferrari, co-founder of Colfeed4print, has been presenting "Additive Manufacturing of PLLA-based composites using a #colloidalfeedstock : biodegradable and permanent scaffolds in medical applications" in the Functional Materials Seminar organised by European Powder Metallurgy Association. will attend the Functional Materials Seminar in San Sebastián...