Achieving a Sustainable Future workshop – April 19, 2022

Our national contact in US, Dr. Joaquin Yus, has attend this very interesting e-workshop held at the National Science Foundation (NSF). We were learning the Rules of Life that govern the complexity of interconnected living systems at multiple scales, e.g., from natural and synthetic cells to organisms, populations, communities, ecosystems, and the biosphere. As we learn more about the ways that living systems use and re-use natural resources, how might these lessons help us devise strategies to improve sustainability?

How we might mitigate the plastic pollution was one of the cross-cutting topics that were faced during this workshop.

In COLFEED4Print we believe that the Reduce-Reuse-Recycle are the 3R key to manage waste properly.  That’s why our fabrication technology try to avoid the waste of plastic during the fabrication process, to maximize the production efficiency. We are also focus on the development of filaments from metal and ceramic waste, giving a second life to these materials. In this regards we are currently working on the VIVALDI project.

Logo for the Understanding the Rules of Life – NSF Big Idea
Credit: U.S. National Science Foundation