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Colfeed4Print is a company founded as a technological spin-off of the Colloidal Processing group of the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC), which has worked to grow in excellence since its beginnings with the aim of transferring the research group’s knowledge to the company improving our products quality.

Seals of Excellence

Winner of the Deep Tech accessit in the CaixaBank Start-Ups XXI Competition

Granted as Innovative SME by the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation


VIVALDI: Recovery of Ceramic and Metallic Wastes through Powders Generation for Additive Manufacturing and other Applications with High Added Value. MISIONES CDTI MPI-20211033


FILAMENT-Oss certification for health uses NEOTEC CDTI SNEO-20211395


MultiMaterials Eco-efficient 3D printing of MultiMaterials with photo- & electrochemical activity for water treatment and the green H2 generation IND2022/IND-23603


NET4MAT – Building knowledge and tools for the sustainable microbial fighting through sensing and responsive polysaccharide-based materials


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Colfeed Team Juan
Juan Escribano
Hossein Besharatloo
R&D manager for biomaterials
Caterina Chirico
Products Developer
Pablo Ortega
Printing Research and Development Manager
Samuel Wisike
Production and Quality assistant
Hugo Ferrari
President of the Board
Colfeed Team Begoña
Begoña Ferrari
Colfeed Team Javi
A. Javier Sánchez
PM Filament Cer
Colfeed Team Ana
Ana Ferrandez
PM Filament Oss
Colfeed Team Zoilo
Zoilo González
PM Filament Bac
Colfeed Team Joaquin
Joaquin Yus
PM Filament Eco